Back to School – Its time!

It’s that time of year again, when school bags are being packed and kids are counting sleeps – well maybe that’s just the parents. However, back to school can unfortunately mean back to the doctor for many parents. Although you can’t control what allergens and germs your children are exposed to in the classroom, you can try and limit them in your home.

Regular deep cleaning is key to maintaining a hygienic home for you and your family, and carpet cleaning is one of the most beneficial. Having your carpets professionally cleaned has many benefits, but for most of our customers it’s the health benefits that has them calling us again and again.

Even the cleanest looking carpets can be a playground for dust mites, pet dander and bacteria. As children love playing on the carpet or sprawling out to watch TV, they are the ones who are mostly subjected to these hazards. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will not only leave them looking and smelling fresh, but more importantly, it will leave them safer for you and your little ones.

Back to school is also peak time for asthma flare-ups among children. Along with controlled medicine, limiting exposure to asthma triggers is important to try and keep these flare-ups at bay. At Renew we pride ourselves on removing 99.5% of all of bacteria, allergens, pet dander and dust mites, all of which can trigger illnesses such as asthma.

Routine is a huge priority this time of year, and after late nights and long days, parents are eager to get their kids back on schedule, especially when it comes to bedtime. As most of us know, a good night’s sleep is important for a child’s development, and teachers have reported that children who sleep well at night are more likely to be alert in the classroom, and have a higher concentration level. Sleep deprivation can cause children to be irritable throughout the day, affecting not only their school work, but their behaviour. As parents take care to provide a safe haven for their children, customising bedrooms to suit their tastes and ensuring they have soft, comfortable bedclothes. However, no amount of snugly bedclothes will help a child sleep, if they are being kept awake by allergens.

Parents of children with asthma often purchase anti-allergy bedclothes and pillows, these extra precautions could too just be masking the real problems that lurk underneath. Dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores and viruses, can cause sleep disruption, such as coughing, sneezing fits and skin irritation. At Renew we provide mattress cleaning that will not only remove stains such as potty accidents, but also the culprits that can cause your child to wake during the night.

There is often the misconception that this type of professional cleaning, means the use of harsh chemicals, and of course parents don’t want their children exposed to these. Our customers’ well-being is always at the forefront of our minds, and we use only the safest cleaning solutions, which are considered safe for your family by the F.D.A

As we all know parenting can be a mine field and like the children heading back to school, we adults are never done learning either. To find out more about our cleaning services or to book with us today, please click here

A Whole New Rug

With all the recent hype about the remake of the classic film, Aladdin, we at Renew (who are big Disney fans) got talking about the real star of the movie – the magic carpet!

Many homes across Ireland have their own ‘magic carpet,’ that too could take flight, with the number of germs that they harbor. Even those who are in the habit of having their carpets professionally cleaned regularly, can unknowingly neglect their rugs. The rug, also known in the industry as ‘the forgotten one’ (not really, but it should be) needs the same amount of TLC as carpets and upholstery.

Although rugs are a great decorative accessory for any room, instantly adding warmth and texture, they can also be a real dirt magnet. In busy family homes rugs have many uses, not just to look pretty. They can double up as playmats, and be subjected to all sorts from drooling babies learning to crawl, to hardy toddlers who can’t yet aim for their mouth. Having your rug professionally cleaned is extremely important in maintaining a clean and healthy home.

Professional rug cleaning can remove up to 6 times more dirt, allergens, pet dander and dust mites than vacuuming alone. Thanks to our specially placed dryers, we can guarantee drying time of 60 minutes, so you won’t have to spend your evening reminding yourself, and everyone around you – not to step on the rug!

We know that people nowadays are money conscious, and rightly so. If you have spent your hard-earned cash on a rug, you want to make sure it can look its best, for as long as possible. Therefore, we always recommend using a protective treatment to our customers. This not only prolongs the life of the rug, but also acts as a barrier to prevent stains and premature wear. It also makes the rug easier to hoover, and anything that makes hoovering easier is a good thing, right?

No matter how stylish your home looks, you want it to smell fresh, and no amount of fancy candles can hide the bad odours that a dirty rug can emit. Having your rug professional cleaned not only leaves it looking great, but smelling great too.

At Renew we are so passionate about rug maintenance, that we are recognised by The Carpet and Rug Institute (Gold Seal of approval) and use wool safe approved products on all rugs. So, booking with us means you can rest assured that your very own ‘magic carpet’ is in the best possible hands.