How to clean up after a nail polish spill on carpet

When a nail polish spill happens on carpet, the immediate thought (after a lot of cursing) is that the carpet is ruined for good. What was meant to be a pampering session or a finishing touch to your look for a night out, can turn into a real hassle. However don’t panic, it is possible to remove a nail polish spill on carpet without having to do a Feng Shui with the furniture or buy a new rug to cover the stain.

As with all stains, it’s best to get to work on them immediately. However, we know this isn’t always possible! So below is our step-by-step guide, to cleaning up both fresh nail polish spills and spills that have dried in.

how to clean up after a nail polish on carpet

How to clean up after a fresh nail polish spill on carpet

When cleaning up a fresh nail polish spill, it’s important to keep the area moist so the nail polish doesn’t set into the carpet.

  • Use a clean, wet cloth to blot up as much of the nail polish as possible. Make sure to use a fresh section of cloth each time, so as not to spread the stain.
  • This can seem like it’s taking forever, but patience really is a virtue when it’s comes to cleaning up nail polish spills, so don’t give up (plus it’s cheaper than buying a new carpet)
  • Take a clean cloth and dampen it with an acetone-free nail polish remover, and gently dab the stain. Make sure the nail polish remover is acetone-free or it will remove the colour from your carpet. Window cleaner and hair spray will also work for this. Whatever product you use, it’s important to always test it out first on a small, inconspicuous area.
  • Keep dabbing the area with the cloth, until the stain is gone. It helps if you sing a little song (not really, but it will help keep morale up)
  • Once all the nail polish has been removed, mix some water with a couple of teaspoons of washing-up liquid and clean the area until the residue and smell is gone.
  • Dry with a clean towel.


how to clean up after a nail polish on carpe




How to clean up after a dried in nail polish spill on carpet

Cleaning up a dried in nail polish spill can be tricky, but not impossible!

  • Scrape up as much of the dried polish as you can, using a knife or your fingers.
  • Vacuum up any flakes of polish that come away.
  • Acetone-free nail polish is your best bet to remove the stain. Test it out on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure there is no damage or discolouring to the carpet.
  • Use a clean cloth dampened with the nail polish remover to blot the stain. You can also use a toothbrush to gently work out the stain. However, be careful not to scrub as it can damage the carpet fibres.
  • When the stain has been removed, mix some water with a couple of teaspoons of washing-up liquid and clean the area until the nail polish remover smell and residue is gone.
  • Dry with a clean towel.


how to clean up after a nail polish on carpe


Renew carpet cleaning are experts in tough stain removals such a nail polish. If you are struggling to remove the stain yourself, or are considering giving up and keeping it there as visual of ‘what not to do’ in future – then give us a call. Our trained technicians will have the stain removed in no time. Contact us today to book your appointment.

How to clean up spilled milk on carpet

Spilled milk may not seem like the biggest deal to clean, but when it spills on your carpet – things just got real! Not only are you left with a murky looking stain on your carpet, but the smell. It’s that smell, the one we all recognise instantly like vomit and sour grossness mixed together that can be so hard to get rid of.

But, before you cry over spilled milk (we couldn’t resist!) let Renew help you to tackle the stain yourself, with our easy step-by-step guide below:

how to clean up after spilled milk on carpet

How to clean up after spilled milk:

  • Use a dry cloth or sponge to soak up as much of the milk as possible.
  • Mix together 2 cups of warm water and 1 tablespoon of washing-up liquid. Use a cloth to gently rub (not scrub) the stain with the mixture, repeat as many times as needed, until you’ve removed as much of the stain as you can.
  • Sprinkle the area with baking soda and leave for approximately 30 minutes. The baking soda will absorb the remaining milk, along with the smell!
  • Vacuum the area afterwards.


How to clean up after spilled milk on carpet

We don’t always have the time to clean up a milk spill straight away. Sometimes, we don’t even know about it, until the odour hits and one of the kids is looking guilty. However, help is at hand with our 4 easy steps below.

How to clean up after spilled milk – if it’s been left to dry in

  • Carefully scrape the dried milk with a dull knife to remove as much flakes as possible.
  • Wet the remainder of the stain with cold water (warm, will increase the odour)
  • Use a toothbrush to rub the stain with a washing powder paste, and rinse.
  • If the stain has gone but the odour is still lingering, spray the area with vinegar (diluted with an equal part of water) and blot it up afterwards.

(Always test cleaning products / solutions on an inconspicuous area first)

How to clean up after spilled milk on carpet

Some stains are stubborn and need professional help! Renew, are the leading carpet cleaning company in Ireland and specialists in tough stain removal. Contact us today to book your professional carpet cleaning.



How to clean up after a paint spill

Re-decorating your home can be stressful enough without having to deal with a paint spill. It’s normal to switch to panic mode at the sight of your beautiful flooring covered in what can seem a permanent material. However, paint spillages are common and can be successfully removed, if acted upon immediately and with the right method.

How to clean up after a paint spill

How to clean up after a spill depends on the type of paint and flooring. Below is our guide to cleaning up the most common types of paint spills.

How to clean up after an emulsion paint spill:

From Carpet:

Emulsion paint is easy enough to clean up. As emulsion paint dissolves in water, using water alone can usually do the job. Try using a damp cloth to carefully clean the area, working inwards to contain the spillage.

From Hard Flooring:

Use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean the area. If you’ve been too busy admiring your handy work and haven’t noticed the spillage until it’s hardened, use the sharp edge of a knife to carefully flick the paint off. Be carefully not to get too carried away and scrape the floor! Use warm soapy water to clean up any residue left afterwards.

How to clean up after a paint spill

How to clean up an oil based paint spill:

Oil based paint spills can be a real headache to clean (quite literally, if you’ve poor ventilation) It’s always important to have good ventilation when working with this type of paint, especially when cleaning up a big spill. Also make sure to wear protective clothing to avoid skin irritation and other health hazards.

Oil based paint is tougher to clean up as it seeps into the carpet fibres. Chemicals such as turpentine, acetone etc are usually required for these types of spills. Although chemicals are quite effective in removing the paint, they can also lift your floor colouring with it. Therefore, it’s always important to test the product on a small area of flooring first.

From Carpet

Always follow the instructions on the chemical remover that you’re using.

Never scrub at the stain as this will damage the fibres and work the paint further into the carpet.

When most of the paint has been removed – use two cups of cool water, mixed with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid to sponge the remaining stain.

From Hard Flooring

If the paint has dried, try scraping it off carefully with a paint scraper or knife . If it still doesn’t budge try adding heat. Use a hair dryer for approximately 15 seconds, holding it 3 inches above the paint. This should help soften the paint making it easier to scrape off.

Use the same method that’s used on carpets afterwards.

Only ever use a chemical remover if you have a good knowledge of the product and are confident using it. If not, always call a professional for help.

How to clean up after a paint spill

Renew carpet cleaning are experts are removing all types of stains, even those tough paint spills! If you haven’t been successful in cleaning up the paint spill yourself, or you feel it’s too daunting to even tackle – Contact Renew today. We would be happy to help!

New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is the easy part, sticking to them…well, that’s where it gets tough. Whether it’s getting fit, taking up a new hobby or doing all those jobs you’ve been putting off – making new year’s resolutions is something we’ll all try our hand at. Unless you’re the funny guy who always quips – my new year’s resolution is not make resolutions bahahaha.

new years resolutions

At Renew, we use the new year as not only a time to make exciting new plans, but as a time to reflect. We like to sit down with our team and look at what we have achieved over the past year, and what we can work on in the coming year. In business there is always something to work on. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technology, products and techniques to make sure our customers are getting what they deserve – the best!

2017 was fantastic year for Renew, especially for return custom and customer feedback. Customer feedback is gold for any business from a quick comment on Facebook, to an email that we can share on our website. 99% of our feedback is excellent but we are all human and mistakes can be made. We pride ourselves on our honesty and if a mistake has been made, we make sure to sit down, work out what went wrong and rectify it immediately!

new years resolutions


They recommend to write down your New Year’s resolutions (whoever they actually are) They also say you’ll stick to them better. We find that works best for us too. We like to see it all in black and white, what we plan to achieve and look at them over the year to make sure we’re on track. There is nothing worse than the deflating feeling of a forgotten resolution. A slap in the middle of a mediocre day, like when you reach for your bank card and instead pull out your gym membership. A smiling face so full of hope staring back at you. Write down your resolutions, hang them where you can see them and let the guilt eat at you, until you’ve achieved each one!

The common thread that runs through most people’s resolutions, is things that have been put off. A lot of our calls to Renew in January is jobs like curtain cleaning and tile and grout. Jobs that seem like a big hassle, even if someone else is doing them! Customers are always delighted, commenting afterwards – ‘that’s another thing of the list.’

new years resolutions

We can’t help with your plan for eating healthy, joining a gym or becoming a millionaire in 2018 but we can help with making your home clean and healthy.

So, if your new years resolution is to stop putting things off, like those ‘big jobs’ at home, than give Renew a shout and that’s one resolution ticked off your list.