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Renews Fibre Shield is the most technically advanced and effective fibre protection system available. Woolsafe Approved, it is designed to help keep fibres clean and stain free. This treatment will help to maintain a textile’s original appearance while extending the service life cycle. It has a long residual effect and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Stain Shield has, for years, been the preferred anti-soil and stain treatment for numerous hotels, cruise ships, aircraft manufacturers, public transportation, theatres, corporate offices and custom made manufacturers of carpet and fabrics. Stain Shield forms an invisible shield around textile fibres providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic matter, fluids, dust and debris that on unprotected textiles would result in permanent stains. Stain Shield adds UV protection, it is bacteriostatic, reduces static electricity, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew and does not affect surface texture or breathability.

Independent Recognition

Renew are recognised by the Carpet & Rug Institute (Gold seal of approval) and use Wool safe approved products for all carpets.

The use of Fiber ProTector is an important contribution to a better indoor environment that is of great value for individuals with allergies and asthma.

Fiber ProTector creates a molecular shield round every fiber that prevents the fabric attracting dust and dirt. The friction between the fibers decreases which results in a reduction in fluctuation of dust and fabric fibers.


Protects against bacteria, fungus and mold

Carpets and furniture can be “bacterial bombs.” New research shows that office chairs can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. Damp carpets can create smells and an indoor environment hazardous to health because fungus and mold can develop under the carpet. Fiber ProTector delivers antibacterial treatment of carpets and fabrics to prevent the above as well as prevent spreading of bacterial growth, fungus and mold.



The protection is itself extremely durable against mechanical wear and tear and cleaning. Daily cleaning – i.e. use of vacuum cleaners on furniture and carpets as well as rinsing with clean water – treatment with Fiber ProTector normally lasts for many years. The treatment reduces the frequency for cleaning and the wear and tear due to the cleaning process often improves.

Conclusion and recommendation

Technology Institute (Norway) compared carpets treated with Fiber ProTector against untreated carpets during one year. “The research shows that treated carpets are less statically loaded than untreated carpets. The last results imply that it is easier to remove dirt and dust from a carpet treated with Fiber ProTector. This should have a positive effect on the indoor environment, as one of the problems with carpets is that they attract dust.


Your Upholstery will look, feel, and smell fresh, deep cleaning removes up to six times more dirt than vacuuming

Air Quality

Remove allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that build up in Upholstery over time

Allergy Relief

Prolongs Upholstery life – dirt that builds up in the fibres is abrasive like sandpaper which wears the Upholstery.

Fluorocarbons Content Test

This test shows that Fiber ProTector does not contain any perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) or any perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS).

View Test Results

Skin Patch Test

This test shows that no skin irritation was detected when testing 20 individuals. Cotton fabric samples were soaked with Fiber ProTector and dried. The dried samples were placed on the forearms of 20 test subjects. After 24 hours the patches were removed and the test subjects forearms were examined. There were no reactions to the patch samples.

View Test Results

Air Permeability Test

This test shows that fabric treated with Fiber ProTector retains it’s breathability. The ability of air to pass through the fabric is not effected.

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Bacteriostatic Reduction Test

A sample fabric was treated with Fiber ProTector and allowed to dry. Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae were put on treated and untreated samples of fabric and incubated for 18 hours. The untreated samples had a significant increase in bacterial growth. The treated samples had a 99.9% reduction rate.

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Why Choose us


Carpets dry in 1 – 2 hours Guaranteed. Combining the latest solutions and technology


Largest fleet of fully equipped vans in Dublin, we can service large jobs but also have the flexibility to look after those emergency jobs as well.


Removes up to 98% of household allergies helping you, your family and loved ones to breath easily.


The deepest clean and most professional carpet cleaning service, you have ever experienced.


Our equipment and products have been awarded the Gold seal of approval from an independent body.

Benefits of Renew Carpet Cleaning

  • Renew remove up to 98% of all allergens, dust and pet dander from your carpets.
  • Indoor air quality is greatly improved.
  • Drying time is a guaranteed 2 hours!
  • Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and green certified making them safe for your family and pets.
  • The Carpet and Rug Institute gold seal of approval – Independently recognised.
  • Woolsafe approved using the only the best products and techniques.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed.




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