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How to Clean up after a Foundation Spill on Carpet

How to clean up after a foundation spill on carpet

If it’s not bad enough that your favourite foundation has taken a tumble, spilling the equivalent of half your wages on the floor, when that flooring is carpet it’s extra painful. A foundation spill on carpet can feel like a nightmare, especially if your carpet is a light colour and now has an unsightly brown puddle that would get Peppa Pig and her gang excited! However don’t panic, help is at hand with Renew’s step by step guide below…

Like with all stains – get to work straight away, not giving the stain time to set. Also be sure to test out all cleaning solutions on a hidden area of carpet first.

How to clean up after a foundation spill on carpet

How to clean up after a foundation spill on carpet

  • Remove as much of the product from the surface of the carpet using a spoon, taking care not to push the make-up further down. (If you can re-use some, we won’t judge you ;))
  • Using 3% hydrogen peroxide is extremely effective for cream/ white carpets. (Do not use this solution on dark or coloured carpets as it will bleach them. If your carpet is coloured you may need a specific stain removal product. Always follow the instructions on these carefully, so as not to cause damage to your carpet)
  • Add a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide solution to a clean white cloth.
    Firmly blot the stain to lift as much of the makeup as possible from the carpet. Do not rub the stain.Continue to dab the stain with more solution (moving on to a clean piece of cloth each time) until the stain is gone.
    After the stain has been removed, spray the affected area with water to rinse out any solution.
  • Use kitchen roll to dab any excess liquid and leave to dry.

How to clean up after a powder make-up spill on carpet

How to clean up after a foundation spill on carpetPowder make-up is a lot more straight forward to remove from carpet than liquid foundation.

Below is our easy 3 step guide:

  • Mix together a couple squirts of washing-up liquid with a cup of warm water. Mix so as to make a lather (shaving foam can also be used instead of washing-up liquid)
  • Soak a clean cloth in the cleaning solution and gently dab at the stain, making sure not to rub as this can damage the carpet fibres.
  • Use cold water to rinse away the soapy residue and dab any excess liquid with paper towel.

Help is at hand…

If the stain isn’t budging and you think you might need help from the professionals…fear not, Renew carpet cleaning are just a phone call away! With over twenty years experience and setting the bar for carpet cleaning companies across Ireland, there is no stain too tough for Renew’s team! Contact Renew carpet cleaning today to book your appointment, and check out Renew’s website for more great stain removal tips.



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