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Dispelling Myths about Carpet Cleaning

Dispelling Myths about Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning myths

Hiring professionals to do anything in your home can be daunting, no matter what service they’re providing. With carpet cleaning companies there are lots of horror stories doing the rounds. These have some people reluctant to have their carpets cleaned, fearing their beloved carpets will shrink to the size of a postage stamp or won’t dry for a month…

Below we’ve compiled some of the most common Carpet Cleaning Myths


Carpet cleaning myths

  • It will take a whole month for the carpet to dry?

…Okay, maybe a month is an exaggeration, but people are rightly concerned about the length of drying time when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. At Renew we’re conscious that families can’t levitate around their homes waiting for carpets to dry, so we’ve a guaranteed drying time of 2 hours – or less!

  • My carpet will shrink if I get it cleaned?

Unlike perhaps, your favourite sweater on a hot wash, your carpets won’t shrink after being professionally cleaned. Renew carpet cleaning use state of the art technology and all our technicians are fully trained to make sure your carpet won’t drop a dress size. Renew are even recognised by the Carpet & Rug Institute (Gold seal of approval) and use wool safe products for all carpets.

  • My carpets look spotless, they don’t need professional cleaning.

The three things people look for when buying carpet are colour, texture and how good are they are at hiding dirt. Carpets are great at camouflaging dirt, and even carpet that is regularly cleaned can be harbouring all sorts of bacteria and allergens that you just can’t see. Renew carpet cleaning can remove up to ten times more dust than hoovering alone!

  • I bought a carpet cleaning machine, so I don’t need to hire professionals

Professional carpets cleaners are just that – professionals. The equipment and technique used in professional cleaning doesn’t compare to a DIY job. In fact, there is one myth that is in true. Carpets can get damaged if the wrong machinery or cleaning products are used incorrectly. This can cost you twice in the long run!

  • Professionally cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to achieve their results.

We can only speak for ourselves on this one. Renew carpet cleaning use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are FDA approved – meaning they’re safe for both your family and pets.

Carpets give them scare

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be scary! For the past 15 years, Renew has been the leading carpet cleaning company in Dublin and surrounding areas. We’ve built up an impressive clientele and all our work is 100% guaranteed – so you can rest assured, you’ll receive a service that’s second to none. To book with us today, or if you have a carpet cleaning myth of your own that you’d like us to discuss, please get in touch CONTACT US  …… or call    012055000Carpet Cleaning Happy Halloween


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