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How often should carpets be Professionally Cleaned?

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned, is the million dollar question…and can often feel like that when you’re quoted crazy prices. At Renew, we offer exceptional carpet cleaning at fair prices so when it is time to book a cleaning, it feels like money well spent!

So the answer…

We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year and believe it’s pivotal in obtaining a clean and healthy home. Although there are some exceptions, and if you find yourself pondering if your carpets need to be cleaned, you should consider the following:

how often should carpet be cleaned


Grand Central Station

If you have a busy household and your carpet carries a lot of heavy traffic, then having them professionally cleaned every six months is a good idea. These carpets will usually be prone to more staining, therefore once they’ve been professionally cleaned it’s important to have a protective treatment applied afterwards. This will build a barrier and protect the carpet fibres, making it easier to maintain them yourself and help protect against future staining.

how often should you clean carpets

The Baby Trail

Babies are great, they like to save you the trouble of hiring a carpet cleaner by doing the job themselves with their tongue. They also love nothing more than exploring their surroundings and a plush carpet can be the perfect playground. Although carpets can endure a lot when a baby is around, dirty carpets can in turn be a danger to them – harbouring all sorts of germs and bacteria.To ensure both your carpets keep their longevity and more importantly are healthy for your family, then regular professional cleaning is essential.  If you have a toddler who is potty training, it’s best to wait until they’re fully trained before booking your carpet cleaning…for obvious reasons!


Doctor’s orders

Carpets can attract dust and allergens that hoovering alone can’t remove. These can build up over time and trigger reactions in allergy suffers such as Asthma and sensitive skin conditions. Renew remove 98% of all allergens from carpets, leaving them both clean and healthy. We don’t replace these allergens with any nasties either, using only Eco-Friendly products to achieve our amazing results. Even clean looking carpets can be a danger field, so if you’re asking yourself do you need to book a cleaning? then the answer is most likely a yes!

Pet Peeves

None of us like to think of our furry family members using our beloved carpets as their toilet, but it happens…often daily. Some pets are so kind as to use the same spot over and over, so you don’t have to follow the smell. Even if you do clean up their mess straight away, the smell can linger long after you’ve put the rubber gloves away. So, if you don’t want to be that person with the ‘wee smelling house’ you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year. If a bacterial stain such as animal feces has been left, best to call in the professionals to have it removed so it doesn’t become a health hazard.

 How often should I clean carpets

For those people who don’t smoke, own pets, children, and generally levitate around their homes they can get away with longer periods between professional cleaning. However, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it too long. Many people don’t know that carpets are a lot like humans and can get tired from doing nothing. To keep carpets looking vibrant, not to mention extend their live span a professionally cleaning even once a year is a must!

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how often should carpets be cleaned



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