Renew Carpet Cleaning – Carpet & Rug Institute Approved Service Provider           Carpet & Rug Institute Approved Carpet Cleaning Company

Renew Carpet Cleaning is proudly recognised by The Carpet and Rug Institute, and have been honoured with their Gold Seal of Approval. In order to achieve this, our cleaning solutions and equipment have passed the institute’s rigorous testing programme. We use only CRI approved solutions and equipment as part of our routine operations.

Who are The Carpet & Rug Institute?

The Capet & Rug Institute is an independent organisation, who developed the carpet industry’s only scientific program to test and measure the effectiveness of cleaning products and equipment. This program rates the product and equipment in – removing soil from carpet, colourfastness, pH balance, residual moisture and other quality factors.  If the piece of equipment or solution passes all tests, it receives SOA certification. The CRI have partnered with scientists at NASA, to ensure SOA is the most advanced test possible for carpet cleaning.

 The Carpet & Rug Institute recommend consumers to use only certified SOA Carpet Cleaning Companies.

Importance of Hiring CRI Approved Carpet Cleaners

  • Assurance that the products used are safe and will not damage your carpets
  • Cleaning equipment is maintained to the highest standards, working efficiently and achieving optimal results
  • Carpets are left cleaner, healthier and with increased longevity
  • Peace of mind you’re hiring an experienced and reputable company
  • Many carpet manufacturers recommend SOA products in their residential warranties


Hiring a CRI Approved Carpet Cleaning Company is the most cost-effective way of having your carpets professionally cleaned. You know they won’t damage your carpets or cost you your warranty.

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