Top 5 Tips you need to know for choosing a carpet cleaning company

choosing a carpet cleaning company

Carpet is one of the most popular choices in flooring today. It’s often chosen for its warmth, comfort and plush aesthetic.

Buying carpet is a big purchase and a key design feature in any home or business. As carpet is a large focal point, stains and dirt are easy to spot so knowing when to call in the professionals is the easy part, choosing a carpet cleaning company is where it can get tricky.

In today’s modern world the internet is most people’s go-to when looking to hire a service. You will find the internet saturated with carpet cleaners, however not all are reputable. It is essential to be informed before making a decision on who to hire.

Below we have compiled our top five tips, to help make the decision process a little easier for you.

choosing a carpet cleaning company


Hiring a carpet cleaning company is essentially letting strangers into your home. Therefore, it is most important to seek a reputable company, who have a strong clientele and ready available testimonies and references at your request. Knowing the company is well established will give you peace of mind, that not only the work being carried out is to the highest standards, but that the technicians are fully-trained and trustworthy.


The Process

Ask questions: What cleaning method do they use? How do they plan to achieve their promised results? What’s the drying time? Do they charge extra fees?
A great carpet cleaning company will have educated themselves on the best cleaning methods and equipment to ensure optimum results. They should be only too happy to share these details with you.

Buy cheap, Buy twice

This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner. Low priced carpets cleaning companies are usually cutting costs somewhere. Such cuts may be – inadequate staff training, using discounted cleaning products which could damage your carpets, or intending on adding additional costs once they’ve got their foot in the door. Although value for money is important, make sure it just that, and not something you’ll regret in the long run.

Eco-friendly cleaning methods

Why pay carpet cleaners to remove the allergens, dust mites, and bacteria from your carpet, only to replace them with dangerous chemicals? Always look for carpet cleaning companies that use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products. These are safer for the environment, your carpets and most importantly your family and pets.


Always choose a carpet cleaning company that can guarantee their work. A reputable cleaning company will be confident enough to offer a 100% money back guarantee. Check also that they are fully insured, safe pass certified and tax compliant.
Accolades are always a bonus. One to look out for is the gold seal of approval from ‘The Carpet and Rug Institute.’ This is awarded to the crème dele crème of carpet cleaners.

Choosing a reputable carpet cleaning company doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming. At Renew we provide exceptional carpet cleaning at competitive prices. So contact us today and find out why we are the best choice for you.


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  1. Joe Braxton
    Joe Braxton says:

    I am happy to have found this article about how to naturally clean carpet stains. It is interesting to know that mold and fungi can lurk in carpet along with dirt and bacteria. For health reasons, it would be best to clean carpet regularly. Something to consider would be to seek professional help to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

  2. Hannah Neilson
    Hannah Neilson says:

    Thanks for the tip about considering what methods a carpet cleaning service uses. Finding out what kind of supplies they have would be helpful as well. My husband and I need our carpets cleaned, so we’ll have to consider what kind of methods a cleaning service uses as well.

  3. Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your suggestion to look for a reputable cleaning service. I like how you said that they shouldn’t charge you screen fees. My husband and I are looking into cleaning services that we can trust to clean our carpets while we are at work.

  4. Burt Silver
    Burt Silver says:

    I like what you said about how it is important to find a reputable company that has a strong clientele. I have a friend that has really bad carpets and they’ve been thinking about getting them cleaned and it’s made me wonder when the last time was that we had our carpet cleaned. I’ll have to look into a professional service and maybe help the both of us get our carpets cleaned.

  5. Joy Butler
    Joy Butler says:

    I’m so grateful for your advice about getting a service from a carpet cleaning company. My Mom just gave me their old carpet since she bought a new one. I can literally say that it’s not that old, it’s just a year and a half when they replaced it. I want to have it clean so I can place it in our house. Surely, I’ll be looking for a carpet cleaner who’s using an eco-friendly cleaning method!

  6. says:

    It is also the top choice to pay stained oor not-so-good-in-the-sight tiles.
    Carpets havbe the ability to dampeen noise in three ways, blocking the noise transmission betwewn floors,
    absorbing air borne sound, and yes it significantly reduces
    the noise via foot traffic. Another question is when they can supply you with a free estimate and inspection to
    your install.

  7. Helen Cantrell
    Helen Cantrell says:

    Hiring a cleaning service seems like a good idea. I love the fact that it can improve the mood of those in our home. We need that, with the amount of teasing that goes on in our house, so maybe we’ll have someone clean it up!


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