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Professional Care for Carpets, Rugs, Upholestry, Tile & Grout throughout Ireland.

Renew Carpet Cleaning is a certified WoolSafe Approved Company. Renew continuously strive to give their customers the best cleaning service using only the safest, most effective products which have been proudly recognised by the WoolSafe Organisation.

, Woolsafe Approved
, Woolsafe Approved

Independent Recognition

Renew are recognised by the Carpet & Rug Institute (Gold seal of approval) and use Wool safe approved products for all carpets.

, Woolsafe Approved

Who are the WoolSafe Organisation?

The WoolSafe Organisation is a cleaning industry service provider, who are committed to promoting best practice in carpet and rug care. This is done through maintenance product evaluation, education, training, certificate, and the promotion of professional cleaning and inspection services.


World renowned for their contribution to maintaining high standards within the carpet cleaning industry, only the crème de la crème of cleaning companies can display their prestigious WoolSafe Approved Mark.


Your Upholstery will look, feel, and smell fresh, deep cleaning removes up to six times more dirt than vacuuming

Air Quality

Remove allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that build up in Upholstery over time

Allergy Relief

Prolongs Upholstery life – dirt that builds up in the fibres is abrasive like sandpaper which wears the Upholstery.

, Woolsafe Approved

WoolSafe Approved Certification

The WoolSafe Certification Mark is awarded to companies who meet the highest standard in professional carpet cleaning. They must also have at least one WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist technician, five years carpet cleaning experience and use only approved products when cleaning wool. There are currently only TEN carpet cleaning companies in the whole of Ireland who’ve acheieved this accolade.


“The WoolSafe Certification Mark is widely recognised in many parts of the world as the standard for excellence and safety of carpet care chemicals”


Importance of Hiring WoolSafe

  • Assurance that the work carried out will be to an exceptionally high standard
  • The products used are safe for your carpets, and more importantly your family & pets
  • Confidence that you’re hiring a reputable and experienced company
  • Longevity of your carpets, not jeopardised by careless, shoddy work


Book your Carpet or Rug Cleaning with a WoolSafe Approved Company today. Contact Renew Carpet Cleaning & rest assured that you’re being looked after by excellence!

Renew 7-Step Cleaning Process

  • 1

    Carpet Rake

    This stage opens up flat carpet pile in the walked on areas, so that we can remove all of the trapped dry soil particles.

  • 2


    We use only the latest in commercial grade hepa vacuum cleaners, featuring rotating beater bars for complete removal of all dry soil, which is essential for a long lasting clean.

  • 3

    Stain Removal

    Any required professional stain removal – oil, gum, drinks…there are too many to list, but we have seen them all.

  • 4

    Pre Treat

    A cleaning treatment applied and given time to work to break down dirt & sticky residues.

  • 5

    Restoration Extraction

    Using the latest in carpet cleaning technology, our restoration machine deep cleans your carpet, using an advanced heated low moisture solution combined with cross flow extraction.

  • 6


    After the carpet has been put through the complete cleaning process, we groom the pile for its natural appearance and to speed up drying.

  • 7


    After the carpet has been put through the complete cleaning process, we groom the pile for its natural appearance and to speed up drying.

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How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Our competitive prices are calculated based on the work required. This can vary depending on the job. However, although our prices are similar to our competitors our service has a quality guarantee.

Are the cleaning chemicals safe for my kids and pets?

Yes. All the ingredients in our cleaning solutions are considered safe for your family by the Woolsafe program which is a Worldwide independent body.  Renew is one of only two approved carpet cleaning companies in Dublin. Our solutions are safe for your fabrics and help prolong the lifespan of your carpet and other surfaces.

Is professional cleaning the same as Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning has its place but is not suitable for carpets and fabrics, high temperatures can damage and even strip carpet fibres whereas here at Renew we use a combination of Wooolsafe products and the latest carpet cleaning equipment to lift up dirt and grime from your carpets. This provides a deeper clean without the need for gallons of water that most steam cleaners use, which can cause other issues such as mould etc. . Renew process gives guaranteed faster drying times and better results.

Renew’s Cleaning Solution vs Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning saturates your carpet with water mixed with soaps and detergents. This can leave your carpet wet for 1 – 2 days, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

This residue left behind also attracts dirt and dust, causing your carpets to get dirty much faster.

Our process uses the latest technology low moisture systems  that penetrates deep into the base of the carpet , capturing dirt and bacteria from the fiber’s surface. (only using a fraction of water that typical steam cleaners use).

We then use high powered extraction to lift the dirt of the surface leaving your fabric dryer and cleaner.

Removing Harmful Pollutants and Improve Indoor Air Quality with Professional Carpet Cleaning. Over 10,000 happy customers across Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and Louth.


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