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How to clean up after a paint spill

Re-decorating your home can be stressful enough without having to deal with a paint spill. It’s normal to switch to panic mode at the sight of your beautiful flooring covered in what can seem a permanent material. However, paint spillages are common and can be successfully removed, if acted upon immediately and with the right method.

How to clean up after a paint spill

How to clean up after a spill depends on the type of paint and flooring. Below is our guide to cleaning up the most common types of paint spills.

How to clean up after an emulsion paint spill:

From Carpet:

Emulsion paint is easy enough to clean up. As emulsion paint dissolves in water, using water alone can usually do the job. Try using a damp cloth to carefully clean the area, working inwards to contain the spillage.

From Hard Flooring:

Use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean the area. If you’ve been too busy admiring your handy work and haven’t noticed the spillage until it’s hardened, use the sharp edge of a knife to carefully flick the paint off. Be carefully not to get too carried away and scrape the floor! Use warm soapy water to clean up any residue left afterwards.

How to clean up after a paint spill

How to clean up an oil based paint spill:

Oil based paint spills can be a real headache to clean (quite literally, if you’ve poor ventilation) It’s always important to have good ventilation when working with this type of paint, especially when cleaning up a big spill. Also make sure to wear protective clothing to avoid skin irritation and other health hazards.

Oil based paint is tougher to clean up as it seeps into the carpet fibres. Chemicals such as turpentine, acetone etc are usually required for these types of spills. Although chemicals are quite effective in removing the paint, they can also lift your floor colouring with it. Therefore, it’s always important to test the product on a small area of flooring first.

From Carpet

Always follow the instructions on the chemical remover that you’re using.

Never scrub at the stain as this will damage the fibres and work the paint further into the carpet.

When most of the paint has been removed – use two cups of cool water, mixed with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid to sponge the remaining stain.

From Hard Flooring

If the paint has dried, try scraping it off carefully with a paint scraper or knife . If it still doesn’t budge try adding heat. Use a hair dryer for approximately 15 seconds, holding it 3 inches above the paint. This should help soften the paint making it easier to scrape off.

Use the same method that’s used on carpets afterwards.

Only ever use a chemical remover if you have a good knowledge of the product and are confident using it. If not, always call a professional for help.

How to clean up after a paint spill

Renew carpet cleaning are experts are removing all types of stains, even those tough paint spills! If you haven’t been successful in cleaning up the paint spill yourself, or you feel it’s too daunting to even tackle – Contact Renew today. We would be happy to help!


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