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Curtain Cleaning! Time for a Curtain Call

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Hassle and fear – the two words most associated with curtain cleaning! Many people look at their curtains for months, sometimes years, and think they’ll have to get around to cleaning them. When they do set aside time for what can feel like a mammoth task, it’s fear of shrinking or fading the curtains that has the job being put off for another day.

curtain cleaning

Why call the professionals?

Curtain cleaning can be a big job and can go wrong when reluctantly done at home. However, calling in the professionals for important jobs like these, not only takes the pressure off you, but gives you peace of mind that your curtains won’t get damaged in the process.

At Renew we love cleaning curtains! It’s our thing, shall we say, and we take pride in the great results and positive customer feedback that we’ve received over the years. Our cleaning service is for virtually all types of curtain fabric, pelmet or tie-back. So you can rest assured that your curtains will look the same – except cleaner, and will still meet in the middle when we’re done!

Curtains are a big feature of any room, tying in colour schemes and decor to really bring a room together. They add warmth and block out the outside world, giving privacy and a sense of comfort. However, a curtain’s job is not only to look pretty and shield prying eyes. Curtains also act as a barrier between the outside world and your home. They trap moisture and dust from outside, and airborne dust from inside that’s caused by sweeping and vacuuming.

‘When good curtains, turn bad’

Curtains that are left unwashed gather dust particles that can cause irritation and flare ups for allergy and asthma suffers. At Renew our curtain cleaning process is eco-friendly (we wouldn’t have it any other way) so not only do we remove these dust particles and allergens; our cleaning process will also help improve your overall indoor air quality. It’s a win, win, for anyone who not only wants fresher looking curtains, but a healthier home too.

curtain cleaning

Renew have two types of curtain cleaning services, onsite and offsite (based in Blackrock). Almost all of our domestic customers choose to have their curtains cleaned in their home. This is less hassle and a quicker process. The curtains are cleaned as they hang, using dry cleaning technology. They’re vacuumed first and any heavily soiled areas are pre-treated to endure best results. We can all be a little fussy, when it comes to how our curtains hang. Our team will take special care to make sure all curtains are tidied and gathered to perfection when finished. We know drying time can be a concern for some people before booking, but with our guaranteed drying time of 2 hours, you won’t be left hanging around….

As with most things, the better they’re looked after, the longer they last – the same goes for curtains. Renew recommend having your curtains cleaned every 2 to 4 years. This will increase their life span, which will in-turn save you money in the long run. We believe that once you’ve had your curtains cleaned with us, you won’t look back – unless of course to admire them!

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